microgreens powder

Hello. My name is Richard Jonas. I'm the owner, along with my wife, of Green Circle Growers, the company that proudly produces Medi-Greens.
Like most Americans, I was raised with little awareness of the profound impact that nutrition and lifestyle choices have on our health and longevity. It wasn't until I lost a second family member to cancer that I started to educate myself about the actual causes of the diseases that tragically take so many lives.
In 2019, we started a small urban farm in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, quickly gaining a loyal customer base and a reputation for growing the very best microgreens in Tampa. We love working hard to produce organic foods that nourish and heal our community.
Medi-Greens allows us to take that same passion for natural health and make it available to folks all across America. We sincerely hope that Medi-Greens will become a part of your journey of health and healing.
Grace and Peace to you!